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I taught in the public education system in Brazil for many years before moving to Canada. Inspired by the challenges I faced as a teacher, I developed a volunteer educational Project called NewClassroom Project. The main goal of this project was to listen to the local teachers’ needs in terms of pedagogic support such as effective professional development in order to empower them to become the teacher they wanted to be. My work has been strongly influenced by Paulo Freire’s dialogue approach and the relationship of the oppressor and the oppressed in a Brazilian context. In a researcher point of view, I am interested in learning about the many perspectives coming from teaching in the public educational system in Brazil, more precisely in the northeast region. In terms of research methods, my interest lays on the perspective of working hypothesis, which is an empirical investigation of facts based on observation of lived experiences in education. The usage of theory of inquiry (Dewey, 1938) to create a critical dialogue among the many factors implicated in the public education based on different interpretations of the diversity of curricula, literacy theories, and social-economic post-colonial influence in the public educational system in Brazil.

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